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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Security and Safety of the Model S

Yesterday I got an email from a fan about the safety and security of the Model S. I've heard from several others with similar questions. Not everyone is a computer wiz with years of experience dealing with the guts of computers, so I completely understand the fear. I'd like to share the email exchange for anyone with similar concerns.
Hi: I am very impressed with your technical skills. I am assuming you are an
engineer (electrical or computer). My new Tesla S is arriving in June and
I am nervous it could get hacked. Are there any things I should to check
my vulnerability or links I should read. Any info is much appreciated.

Brooklyn, NY
What would make you so nervous about getting hacked? Have you been given a reason or is it more a irrational fear? The car is practically impregnable from remote attacks. The security team at Tesla is top notch, I know because I've seen the security in the car myself.

If it's not a remote thing you're worried about and more someone tampering with the car, if you look at my blog you'd see I had to take apart the entire drivers side dash of the car to be able to do this. It took me 4 hours. I'm only one of 3 people in the world that can do it as well. Regardless, once someone has physical access to something it's impossible to have it 100% secure. Think of it this way, if someone was looking to cause trouble for you they could cut the brake lines, or track you by attaching a GPS device to your car, or slash the tires on your car, etc.

You wanted to know how to keep things secure? Do exactly what you do to keep people from cutting the brake lines or stealing the money out of your car. It's a tool in the car just like the engine or the tires or the brakes, so protect it the same way and you'll be just fine. As for remote hackers, there is literally nothing you can do. Tesla has some of the best minds in the world protecting your car, and it'd take a modern day Einstein to outwit them. And really, why would she target you when there are much better things out there for someone like her to target? She'd be stealing money out of bank accounts, not toying with Pat's Tesla.

Don't worry so much about it, and enjoy the car. If I were you I'd be far more worried about having my car dinged by some car in the parking lot.
Lol, true. I guess if I follow normal precautions like passwords and regular updates to the software I should be ok. I will be street parking the car - so I should most likely worry more about scratches and bird poo.

I have confidence in the Tesla engineers and programmers to be of high quality, since Apple and Mercedes Benz having been poaching them.
That is exactly what a responsible owner should do to help keep their car safe and secure. Thank you Pat for allowing me to put to rest some of the security concerns from owners and future owners. Congratulations on the Model S. I'm sure you'll come to fall in love with it as much as I have. :)

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Hi, whats new of hacking tesla? You not post news one month ago...